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Application for Men's Retreats at Longlea Conference Center

Days on retreat. Recollection in order to know God, to know yourself and thus to make progress.
A necessary time for discovering where and how you should change your life. What should I do? What should I avoid?
St. Josemaría, Furrow #177

Thinking about making a retreat? Well, why not sign up for a retreat at Longlea Conference Center? This site is used to apply for men's activities at Longlea Conference Center and to communicate with those registered.

Note that all retreats at Longlea through the end of May, 2021 are fully booked. To sign up for any of the last three 2021 retreats click on the retreat below that best suits you.

  • September 23 to 26 SOLD OUT
  • November 4 to 7 SOLD OUT

For more information about Longlea please go to their website: Longlea Conference Center